What our clients are saying.

"She is the zen to my crazy."

Cristina Vercler, VerclareBoutique.com

"I’ve talked with other people and what they are getting with their consultants, and I feel like I’m getting so much more already."

Jean Dryden, The Glass Work Bench

“It’s a lonely business. You’re kind of out there by yourself...To have somebody like [Sarah] who you can call and ask questions and get an opinion on something is really valuable.  [SOURCE] is just a vital part of what we do."

Christine Fuqua, Blush Boutique

“I don’t have to worry about how I am going to pay my rent, how I am going to pay my payroll, how I am going to pay this bill, how I am going to pay that bill. I can sleep very peacefully every single night because of [SOURCE]."

Bridgette McDonald, Roka Boutique

"I cannot overstate the importance of Emily and SOURCE Retail Consulting to my business in providing structure and confidence and being a constant source of knowledge; offering not only business support, but the kind of objective and wise perspective that small businesses really need in order to flourish."

Carrington Broeman, The Most Beautiful Thing In The World Is

Victoria Lindley, Muse Apparel | Phoenix, AZ

My whole business just operates so much better having [SOURCE] as a part of the team.

Victoria Lindley, Muse Apparel